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A sanctuary for yoga, meditation, circles and sound for individuals seeking self connection, soulful community and belonging.


Soul work is anything that unites you with your highest self and your truest nature.  



“Instead of trying to change someone’s experience or imposing spiritual ideas onto others, you can invite the beauty and innocence of their divine nature out of hiding just by reaching out in a more thoughtful way.” 
– Matt Khan

Soothing Bell


The Soul Collective is a place for learning how to cultivate and ripen your experience of the soul, deepen the relationship with your inner wisdom and learn to foster greater trust in yourSelf. This space is designed to support you with 'soul work' through kundalini yoga, group circles, meditation, sound healing, workshops and ceremonies. Soul work is not only about the individual experience, it is also allowing for the broader feeling of tapping into the 'I AM', universal consciousness and nature.  We can forget who we truly are and at times need support to keep reconnecting with what is already there within us. These practices are just that, options to help you become closer with your true nature and from there, live life more fully. 

We support people of all ethnicities, cultures, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, body types, abilities and economic circumstances.  Inclusivity is a key ingredient in this community.


Most of us long for a space where we feel safe to show up as our most authentic self and where we can feel a sense of belonging.  We don’t have to face difficult times unsupported and there are tools that can help. Through embodied movement, meditation and talking circles, you will learn what tools work best for you on your journey toward healing and happiness. Through practice, we learn to look inward and develop a relationship with our soul so that we can hear, know, and ultimately share our soul’s calling.


When we look outside ourselves for our completeness, we get lost in the idea of who we should be, but when we surrender and look inward, everything we need is already there.  There is an aliveness and joy for life that comes from deeply connecting with the soul, the spirit comes alive and starts to flutter.


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
– Mary Oliver

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