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kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga



10:00-11:20am | 240 Manor Rd E

Drop In: $20 | Set of 4 classes: $70 | PWYC - Inquire

Coming soon...

Tuesday night yoga


Kundalini Rebirthing

Saturday, January 20th, 2024

2:30-5:00pm | College/Bathurst

Fee: $50 or 2 people for. $80

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what is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness and consciousness.  Through the practice of physical movement, breathwork and sound, we move energy through the body and unblock area’s that need release so that your vital energy can flow freely.  It’s one of the fastest ways to elevate yourself and ultimately help achieve union of the finite self with the infinite.  


We move the body through a sequence of postures, consciously breath, meditate, and we allow the vibration of sound to tune us to our highest frequency.


Believe in the unbelievable and welcome the mystery of life. 

Group Meditation

The many benefits:

  • Helps to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Increases intuition, self-awareness, and self-trust 

  • Improves cognitive function 

  • Builds strength and flexibility 

  • Relaxes the nervous system so you feel a sense of ease

  • Awakens inner creativity 

  • Improves heart based conscious communication

  • Reboots your metabolism, digestive system, and glandular systems

  • Unblocks subconscious baggage weighing you down in life 

  • Promotes a feeling of joy and spirit

  • Helps you to become more aware and integrated with the soul

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