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What is "Soul Work" ?

In soul work, we honour the individual and the collective; we are nothing but parts of a whole, without the whole we would not exist.  The collective work we do is deeply powerful and transformative. 


When you learn to listen to your Soul, you learn to listen to the Soul of the world...

The process toward trusting your inner guide is not easy, letting go of programming and conditioning which form blocks in the body, heart, and soul, can be met with resistance.  When you return to your truest self, open your heart, calm the nervous system and the busy mind, your perception and reaction to life changes.  We don’t have to change our experiences; we change our relationship with our experience.  


Raise your vibration

We have the opportunity to see what is happening for what it is and have the courage to move out of an ego-based experience into awareness.  


If we stop turning away from what is hard in life, we may see the horizon change and lighten in a new way.  Our darker parts and hurts are not bad, they are informing, and we can transmute and love all parts of ourselves. Let the gentle whispers of you be heard and welcomed with sweetness and love. 


As we raise our own vibration, we raise the vibration of the planet.  Uncover your own Soul Work by exploring the Soul Collectives modalities.



Benefits of Soul Work

Trusting your intuition

More purpose and meaning to life

Manifest the soul's calling

Crystal clear clarity 

Better decision-making

Self-love and compassion 

Reduced fear, anxiety, and stress

Deeper empathy 

More time! Dedication to soul relationships

Increased physical vitality and energy

Peace in the mind and in the heart

Feeling alive! 

"Our soul is always a step ahead of us…  

let’s start to catch up."

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