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about soul collective

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Return home to your truest Self. 


Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

This feeling we are after is the feeling of

"coming home" to our soul.


about soul collective

The Soul Collective is a space designed to support you with  'soul work'  through kundalini yoga, meditation, workshops, sound healing, ceremonies, and group circles.  The intention is to collectively lead each other toward living a more soulful life. 


This space was created by Laura Quinn, who recognized a need for more resources and community while on the path towards cultivating a deeper relationship with the inner and outer world that we all experience.  There is no need to go through this journey alone or unsupported. Each of us is an eternal student, teacher and master. 

“One small thing I have learned these years, how to be alone, and at the edge of aloneness how to be found by the world.”

-David Whyte
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