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about laura

"I am here to help guide you to what has always been there, your truest most authentic Self. I feel honored to meet you."

about Laura Quinn (she/her)

I was born in San Francisco, but I call Toronto my home.  I have had some things come easily in life, and others with great challenge.  What I’ve learned is that as much as I used to want to control my life, be the director of all that I desired, that in fact the truest gift in life is to step down and let your heart and your soul inform you and then, have courage and act. Surrender. I have lived through the throes of life, the moments where I found myself on my knees, feeling broken and lost but I have always had a strong inherent sense of steadiness, of stability. That feeling is one that I was born with.  I have also experienced miracles and beauty I never thought possible. I grew up in the world of spirit and ceremony.  I understood healing, energy, intuition, and spirit from a very young age.  I was introduced to many religions, traditions, and offered experiences travelling the world and exploring spirituality.  I tended fire at sun-dance ceremonies, sat in temples in India and as a child served tea to woman gathered in circle preparing for child birth.  I was heavily influenced by my mother and her strong feminine and also my father who embodies ministry in his work.  

​My greatest gift in life has been the blessing of my 3 children. They are my biggest teachers; my heart and I believe a big part of my purpose. I am a “truth seeker” and I stand for those who stand outside the circle.  I have a voice and I can use it, though I am often quiet.


I am an intuitive healer, certified Kundalini yoga teacher, women's circle group facilitator, ceremonialist, and sound healer. My specialty includes a focus toward Shuniya, in the Kundalini tradition this means the point of stillness. I believe in this stillness your highest potential flows through you. I also think there is a place and time where we need to speak out loud, we long to be seen and heard, witness and listen deeply, in a held space of community. This is different from therapy, and it’s different than speaking with your best friend, this is what we do in circle work. I feel blessed to share in soul care in ways that have supported me deeply over the years.

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor KRI - 200 hr 

  • Certificate program for Gong Yoga Nidra, Relaxation and Sound Healing Training with Metab Benton  

  • Reiki Practitioner (Original Usui Reiki in the Gendai Reiki style)

  • Certified Nushu Group Facilitator 

  • Blove Flumie Training and Gong

  • Currently studying psychodynamic therapy

  • 20 years of corporate business experience, past experience in technology recruitment and currently working in residential real estate

“One small thing I have learned these years, how to be alone, and at the edge of aloneness how to be found by the world.”

-David Whyte
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