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women's circle

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8 week fall session starts September 12th, 2023 

mātā women's group

Tuesday morning's 10:00am - 11:30am

240 Manor Rd. E  In Person

Fee: $300

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women's circle

There is a yearning for deep connection in all of us and often a sense of void and feeling of loneliness in life.  When we can allow ourselves to show up authentically, be intimate, vulnerable and tune into our hearts, we offer ourselves and others the greatest healing. 


Your job is to be most you, that’s it. This takes a building of trust and a safe space to share, be witnessed and witness others. The rawest experiences in life tend to be kept hidden and yet we all experience grief, loss, joy, vulnerability and when we are able to voice what is in our minds and hearts together, we offer a potent and powerful medicine for each other.


Throughout the work, we deepen our relationship with soul and uncover what needs to be expressed and shared in the world.  You will feel greater meaning, purpose, healing, and joy in this shared experience.


what is a circle?

A circle is a sharing space in a small group (5-10 people) guided by a facilitator.  It is a place where you are invited to be your authentic self without judgement, advice giving or fixing. Throughout each meeting, the facilitator is there to guide the group and maintain a safe and enriching experience for everyone. 

what to expect?

In circle, we co-create collective intelligence through courageous conversation, honest compassionate self-inquiry, and deep listening.  True connection is found when we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable, but we believe in sharing only at the speed of trust and will foster this throughout our work together.  


There will be an embodiment practice, gentle guided breathing, writing prompts or other curated offerings throughout each week.  The work we do is nurturing for both our individual and our collective body. Through reflection, sharing and reverence for the shared space, we grow and connect with one another, laugh and cry together.  We build community. 


Life was not meant for you to travel alone, the experiences and wisdom that we have gathered is meant to be shared. Please come and share, this experience is like no other. 


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