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Energy Healing
& Meditation

Reiki Treatment

Energy & Sound

Energy and/or Gong Therapy

Deeply rest and receive, returning to yourSelf, your natural flow and a state of peace, joy and vitality.


240 Manor Rd E

(mobile appointments - inquire)

Single Session:

 $150 (60 minutes)

Intro Package

1 hour consultation (talking)

2 x 1 hour 1-1 sessions


Calm Lake

Yoga & Meditation

Personalized Practice

Meditation is practice for life, eventually this practice can become life and bring greater harmony and unity. Having a sadhana (daily practice) is important and sometimes it's hard to know where to start or what to do.

Intro Package

Initial session (60 min)

Meditation practice (30 min)

Fee: $170

Follow on sessions

Fee: $50 (30 min)

Reiki Healing

Energy & Sound

What to Expect During Your Energy / Gong Session:

I work in intuitive healing and may use a variety of modalities, my approach caters to you. Energy healing works with subtle energies and vibrations of the Universal Field. Sound vibration from gongs or other instruments (including my voice or your voice) can also offer deep healing and vibrational shifts at a cellular level. Gentle movement adjustments or breathing  helps release stagnant energy and return you to a more natural state of mind, body and spirit. Sessions may also include only energy work (no sound), we determine this before the first visit.


The session begins with a brief talking consultation so I can better understand your needs. Then, I will guide you through some gentle breath-work to settle your nervous system so you can deeply relax and receive. I will use a combination of sound vibration and gentle touch by placing my hands above or on your body. You will be lying down, fully clothed and comfortable. The vibration from sound flows through your body and can ease physical pain, energetic blocks and subconscious memory. Using my hands, life force vital energy is channelled to wherever it is needed in a more concentrated way, for your highest benefit. When energy flows more freely in you, you will feel more like yourself and more alive. 

Book a complimentary 15 min discovery call


We will begin with a consultation so I can learn about you and cater the session toward your individual needs or goals. My work is a combination of deep listing, talking, intuitive direction and meditation practice. I will develop a personalized kundalini based meditation and/or movement plan to set you up with a home practice. Individual meditation is also a way to become more familiar with how to meditate and some find it helpful orientation before beginning group classes. 


What to expect in our time:

We will speak for one hour in the initial consultation, a week later we will schedule a thirty minute meeting to practice your plan together and go over any questions.  After this you will have all the tools you need so you feel empowered and supported.  Follow up sessions are worthwhile as your needs change or to move with the changing seasons.


The many benefits of
energy healing & meditation:

My client's come to me for many different reasons. I have people wondering if they are experiencing an 'awakening' and needing support; others are going through life transitions and moving through grief, sadness or loss; physical pain or illness; unable to access mind/body connection; insomnia or poor sleep; feeling numb and disconnected from life and of course, just looking for some care and relaxation - deep rest is necessary on all healing journeys. There are many benefits to this work:

  • Helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression

  • Increases intuition, self-awareness, and self-trust 

  • Improves cognitive function 

  • Builds strength and flexibility 

  • Relaxes the nervous system so you feel a sense of ease

  • Awakens inner creativity 

  • Improves heart based conscious communication

  • Reboots your metabolism, digestive system, and glandular systems

  • Unblocks subconscious baggage weighing you down in life 

  • Promotes a feeling of joy and spirit

  • Helps you to become more aware and integrated with the soul

Appointment confirmation: Once we have booked an appointment, I will send you a confirmation email with all the details you need to know to prepare for your session. 

Cancellation Policy: Payments are non-refundable unless cancelled with a minimum 24 hours notice. 

Disclaimer: I work with multiple modalities to support your journey. None of the work I offer is a substitute for medical advice or personal therapy. 

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